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Frequently asked questions

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There is no catch. Polite Payroll has always focused on service, security, and transparent cost (easy to understand?). We know how much it costs to do payroll in the US and Canada is no different. Just because its international payroll doesn’t mean it has to be more expensive.

Polite has the simplest fee structure in Canada. Depending on your business we have an implementation fee and monthly fee.

Polite works with small and medium size businesses. We even have clients with one employee.

On average it takes about 5-7 business days but we can work with any of your needs.

No. You do not need to open a bank account in Canada. Polite payroll has the unique ability to direct debit a US account eliminating all banking fees.

The only thing a company needs to pay a Canadian employee is a Business Number. Polite can help you obtain this in as little as one day.

Canada has a socialized healthcare system but 68% of workers in Canada are offered benefits by their employer. Polite has a great benefits partner that can help you review and select the benefits that work for your employee.

Although the Canada and the US have some similarities in terms of how payroll is done there are some differences that can make doing payroll very difficult. Most payroll regulations fall under provincial law and each province calculates vacation pay differently, have different holidays, different minimum wages, and vary on how to calculate expense benefits, health benefits and retirement insurance.

At Polite Payroll, our focus is on providing support that’s centered around real human interaction. Forget about dealing with automated replies and welcome the experience of genuine human help. Our approach surpasses ordinary payroll offerings; we function as an integral part of your internal team. With personalized assistance and advice specifically designed for your business requirements, we deliver thorough support every step of the way.

Yes, with Polite Payroll, your payroll is fully managed by real people. This allows you to quickly and compliantly build your workforce north of the border. We provide a reliable, compliant, and cost-effective solution that streamlines your payroll processes, giving you the freedom to concentrate on propelling your business forward. See Managed Payroll for more information.

Embracing cross-border remote workers offers companies a strategic pathway to innovation and global market relevance by accessing a diverse talent pool and leveraging geographical differences for round-the-clock operations. This approach enhances creativity, operational flexibility, and customer satisfaction while reducing overhead costs and boosting employee retention through work-from-anywhere flexibility. Polite Payroll plays a crucial role in this ecosystem by simplifying the complexities of international payroll management, ensuring compliance and efficiency for businesses.

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