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Easily Manage Your Canadian Payroll

Payroll doesn't have to be time consuming, stressful, or strenuous. We help you quickly pay your Canadian employees North of the border.

Cross-border payroll service

Get your Canadians paid in 3 easy steps!


Talk to an expert!

Complete our simple form, and we’ll reach out to schedule meeting to guide you through the process and explain any Canadian terms you may need to understand.


Onboard effortlessly!

Onboarding is more than just signing forms. Our expert teams gets you up and running quickly and compliantly.


Managed payroll!

Sit back and relax as we handle paying your Canadian employee(s).

Spruce up your payroll services

No bots, no apps, just good-natured folk making it easy for Americans to pay Canadians.

Hot Dam, paying Canadians just got easier!

Our streamlined payroll services are tailored to simplify cross-border payments for Canadian employees. We aim to make paying Canadian employees effortless. Trust us to handle cross-border payroll intricacies, letting you focus on core business objectives hassle-free.

Time Savings
Straightforward Invoicing

Why Choose Polite Payroll?

Peace of Mind

Polite makes paying employees north of the border effortless.

Polite Payroll has been a terrific help! They handle all of my forms, direct deposit, and are quick to respond to all of my questions. Now, all I have to do is report my employees hours, I wish I found them sooner. Their team is extremely capable and gets the job done at an affordable rate with no surprise expenses. My mind is finally at ease when it comes to payroll. I would recommend Polite Payroll to anyone seeking a professional, polite, and helpful team to assist with their cross border payroll needs.

Sheri Ravi, VP Finance

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Polite Payroll has been a game-changer for our business! Managing payroll for our Canadian employees used to be a daunting task, but with Polite Payroll, it’s a breeze. The savings on Canadian salaries due to favorable exchange rates are an added bonus. The team is responsive, efficient, and handles everything seamlessly. I can now focus on growing my business, knowing that our payroll is in capable hands.

Nick Bogias

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